Misc. Logos – updated 1/15
Misc. logos for personal use and commissioned work.
Electronic Vision Logo - Full service media company
ACEnet - Business Incubation, Venture Loans, E-Commerce and Specialty Food Production, located in Athens, Ohio
DJ Aroc - DJ located in Athens, Ohio
Infinity Part Decor - located in Orlando, Florida
Christ Community Wesleyan Church - Church ministry located in Albany, Ohio
Christ Community Wesleyan Church Youth Group - Youth Group church ministry located in Albany, Ohio
Cut & Paste Monkeys – personal project logo
We make the unknown, known – HR internal campaign
Drowning in Amnesty – Cleveland, Ohio based indie band
Bumblebee Racing – motorcycle racing logo
Binary Baloney – tech review website
H & K Sound – Jackson, Ohio based car audio shop
Tim & Joe Halftime Show – logo for use at a local superbowl halftime show event
Wakeley Aquatics, LLC – aquatics consulting based in Athens, Ohio
Athens Euroworks – auto mechanic shop based in Athens, Ohio
Quidel Reimbursement Logo
Quidel community involvement logo
Fat Boy Cycling logo – logo made for local riders
Tim Martin Graphic Designer – personal logo
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